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    Experts in the selling and repair of fine writing instruments since 1985

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SKU: 121113E
Weight: 1.00
Regular Price: $38.00
Short Description: Exacompta FAF Desk Pad
Exacompta FAF Desk Pad 4.25"x7.25"

Who We Are

Since 1985 Bertram's Inkwell has proudly served the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area providing the finest in writing instruments, inks and accessories from around the World. Whether it be a fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint, pencil or botttled ink and refills, we have an extensive selection from which to choose.  Browse our online store, or if you are in the area, please stop by for a test write.

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November 5, 2016
Bertram's Inkwell Pen Fair - 11:00-5:00
March 3-5, 2017
Baltimore-Washington International Pen Show

Bertram's Guarantee

If you purchase a pen from Bertram's Inkwell at the suggested retail price, and the manufacturer does not offer a lifetime guarantee, you're covered for life by Bertram's Inkwell. If your pen has a problem, and you are the original owner, we will fix it, or if necessary, replace the pen, provided it is still in production. If it isn't, we will fix it as best we can. All you will pay is a nominal fee to ship the pen to and from the manufacturer.



Which lasts longer? Fountain pen ink, a rollerball refill, or a ballpoint refill?
A rollerball refill will last an average of 30 legal size pages. A ballpoint refill will last an average of 300 legal-size pages. The fountain pen is the most economical because a 12 oz. bottle of ink will typically last almost a year. So, next time someone comments on your latest fountain pen purchase, just tell them that you are being economical!

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