Spain Royal Family

Spain Royal Family

The fountain pen “30 aHos de paz y democracia” is dedicated to the 30 years of Kingdom of the King of Spain.

This Limited Edition is embellished by sophisticated decorations in filigree, made of silver or gold; the body of the pen is in a splendid night blue Bourbon enamel, that is the Bourbon Family’s colour

On the head of the cap there is the image of the royal crow, symbol of the King, that is engraved in relief, while the exclusive pen holder is made in silver 925‰.

The original clip, precious and in keeping with the theme, is an additional aesthetic detail in a fountain pen dedicated to the Thirty Years of Enlightened Rule by a Great Sovereign.

This limited Edition is in blue enamel, and 925‰ Vermeil or 18K gold. Available in 300 pieces in 925‰ sterling silver and in 30 pieces in solid 18K gold ( to celebrate the thirty years of Kingdom of the king of Spain).


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Omas Spain Royal Family Limited Edition Silver Fountain Pen
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