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Organics Studio Returns

Congratulations Tyler Thompson for completing graduate School in NYC and on your upcoming marriage to the lovely Tessa. Now that I got that out of the way lets talk ink.

When Tyler was a student of the University of Maryland in early 2010 he would stop by the store when his busy schedule allowed him  to peruse Bertram’s Inkwell   Cool guy we thought to ourselves knowledgeable, loved pens, knew pens, and even had pens! Who is this kid. Well as time went on and friendships developed Tyler was working for Bertram’s Inkwell part-time which should have been full time since most of his pay checks were not deposited into his accounts but cashed in the drawer ever other Friday as he picked up his latest pen/pens from the store. So it goes for many folks who have a love of pens and end up working in their favorite shop.

Not only was Tyler interested in fountain  pens but also in what went in them. And so  in 2012  Organics Studio was launched.

Originally there was the Chemistry Series, with the  take on a collection of the essential colors of any writing ink collection.  These inks makeup a set of ‘simple’ colors, tasked with coloring the basic spectrum of pure colors.  These chemistry-themed inks were the first foray into the ink world, and have stuck with The company ever since. The first four colors ever made included Carbon Black, Mercury Red, Cobalt Blue, and Manganese Blue/Black.  Then expanded to include Uranium Green, Vanadium Violet, Arsenic Gray, Copper Turquoise, Sulfur Yellow, Nitrogen Vibrant Blue, and Lithium Violet.  In 2016 the  resurgence of the company will include a selection of these previously available inks, along with some new members.

Organic Studio Inks


Next in the line up are The Masters of Writing Series

This collection inks attempt to merge a famous writer from previous centuries with a color that brings them to mind.  These inks have more unique hues that we made to fill gaps in the available ink world.  This series pays homage with inks such as Jane Austen Violet, Jules Verne Nautilus Blue, Edgar Allan Poe Raven Red, L. Frank Baum Emerald Green, and many others. In  this line also included is the renown Sepia Series, which included Foggy Bottom Red Sepia and Join or Die Green Sepia, two inks made to commemorate the DC and Philadelphia Pen show, respectively.

Organic Studios Ink


And the next is true to Tyler’s heart.

The Masters of Science Series

These inks are all forays into unique ink properties.  Offering the Darwin Ink Series that were all fast-drying inks, the Accident Blue pigmented ink, the Isaac Newton pigmented black ink, and the Gregor Mendel Chlorophyll-based ink.

Organic Studios Ink

And the,

Vintage Ink Series

These inks are intended to be left in the pen for extended periods of time without the worry of damaging such pens.  These inks have become some of our customers favorite inks for their unique colors and desired properties.

Thanks for looking!