Conklin Word Gauge, Sleeve Filler, and Conklinetta Senior

I’ve got news about 3 amazing new pens from Conklin! I got in these special pens at a great deal, and now I’m passing on the savings to you! Check out the details:

Conklin Heritage Word Gauge Fountain Pen

Conklin Word Gauge


Ink capacity at it’s MAX! Is the best way to describe this pen. Conklin’s Word Gauge was an industry leader back in the day because as with all Conklin inventions this one was loved for holding more ink then any other brand at the time. So much that Conklin put a word count on the side of the barrel so the writer would know approximately how many more words he/she could write before running out of ink.

Conklin Word Gauge

Jet Black Resin with yellow word gauge ink view. Conklin pen was an innovator in the day introducing the likes of the Crescent filler and this word gauge.

Get your Conklin Word Gauge here.


Conklin Heritage Sleeve Filler Fountain Pen

Conklin Sleeve Filler

An amazing pen rich in history! Take the pen apart at the nib section and you’ll see a press bar over the rubber sack. A few gentle squeezes and your pen is filled.

Conklin Sleeve Filler

Enjoy the convenience of filling your pen directly from a bottle with almost limitless ink choices. The material is jet black resin with a Vintage Style Sleeve Filling System. Conklin pen was an innovator in the day, introducing the likes of the Crescent filler and this Sleeve Filler.

Get your Conklin Sleeve Filler here.


Conklin Conklinetta Senior Fountain Pen

Conklin Conklinetta Senior

This is an amazing fountain pen that has brought back a filling system that was long ago abandoned by the Parker’s and Sheaffer’s of the pen world. The button filler depressed a rubber sack inside the pen which fills with ink.


Conklin Conklinetta Senior

Medium, Fine and Stub two tone steel nib Jet Black Resin with Vintage Style Button Filling system Conklin pen was an innovator in the day introducing the likes of the Crescent filler and this Button Filler.

Get your Conklin Conklinetta Senior here.

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